Student package No5 for ceramic

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"Awesome n it lasts long"

We proudly introduce Bur package set

1. DnZ Diamond burs, A2F, fine, 1pcs

  • HP bur, Ø2.35mm
  • Cone shape, sharp tip, Cone size : Ø2.17mm, 7.2mmL
  • Roughness #270, fine
2. DnZ Diamond burs, Round tip, Medium, LR2.5F, 1pcs

  • HP bur, Ø2.35mm
  • Long / tapered shape, round tip, 
  • size : Ø2.02mm, 10.0mmL
  • Roughness #270, fine

3. Green stone point bur, GC11, 2pcs

4. Green stone point bur, GC20, 2pcs

5. Green stone point bur, GC28, 2pcs

  1. Made from the finest quality silicon carbide with exclusive ceramic bond for the ultimate in rapid cutting and accuracy with minimal heat
  2. Excellent for shaping adjusting , finishing and fine grinding
  3. Porcelain, Gold, Semi-precious alloys for HP only
6. White stone point bur, W13, 2pcs

  1. Made from the selected aluminum oxide abrasive specially formulated for working semi and non precious ceramic metals without metal contamination
  2. Semi-precious ceramic metals
  3. Non-precious ceramic metals for HP only