DuoSil mono phase, PVS, impression material, 10pk


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DuoSil Monophase, fast set
Impression material, Polyvinyl Siloxane

: 10*50ml Cartridge

  1. Impression of inlay, crown, bridge and partial denture etc.
  2. Impression material in a dual phase impression technique
  3. Precise duplication of models
  4. Capturing multiple unit impressions
  5. All impression techniques where the operator needs a medium viscosity material


DuoSil impression material, as the additional polymerization silicone type, is a rubber impression material that makes oral tissue shape precisely. Also it is very easy to handle and has low deformation, helping to make precise impression take.


  • Vinyl polysiloxanes
  • Hydrogen polysiloxanes
  • Filler
  • Pigments
  • Additives
  • Platinum catalyst

Technical information
ISO 4823, Type 2: Medium-bodied consistency

  • Total working time : 1'30"
  • Intraoral setting time : 2'30"
  • Recovery from deformation(%) : >= 98
  • Maximum strain in compression(%) : <= 5.0
  • Linear dimensional change after 2hrs(%) : <= 5.0


  • Keep and store at a dry and cool place(18~25°C)
  • Close the lid quickly and firmly after use
  • Avoid contact with air

  1. In case that additional polymerization silicones, polysulfide impression materials, eugenol-containing materials, latex examination gloves, moisture and glycerol, cosmetics and etc mix or touch DuoSil impression material together, it may have delayed polymerization or rough surface of the DuoSil impression material.
  2. DuoSil impression material is used by a dental professional and keep it away from a reach of non-dental users including children, old people and others.
  3. Do not touch and pour in organic solution or liquid with DuoSil impression material.
  4. Do not use DuoSil impression material after expiry.
  5. Do not shear or use caps confusedly for Base and Catalyst since it will cross-contaminate the materials.
  6. The storage temperature condition before using, it may be a cause that delay or shorten working time.
  7. In case that temperature increases or decreases 1°C, working time can go up or down 15 seconds.
  8. Premature exposure of the cartridge materials to the higher temperature of the mouth cause this materials to set more rapidly that the tray materials. This may distort the impression.
  9. As with any rigid setting impression materials, failure to do so may make tray removal difficult, or cause extraction of natural teeth or prosthesis.
  10. Care should be taken to avoid not setting material on clothing. It is hard to remove when it sets up on clothes.

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